Child Life Touch is an independent Zambia based orphanage and charity established in 2001 and dedicated to alleviating the impact of the HIV and AIDS epidemic on children, and vulnerable People living with the condition.


Child Life Touch changes lives by providing shelter, care and education support to orphaned and underprivileged children. We aim to provide the children with love and a place they can call home.

Child Life Touch was established in 2001, as a result of the devastating impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on industry and households. A number of children were left orphaned, some on the streets and vulnerable to poverty, child labour and other forms of social injustices. Child Life Touch responded to these challenges by acquiring a home to care for the orphans and vulnerable Children and teach them life skills that would enable them to live a normal life.

The most profound impact of HIV/AIDS has been the loss of able-bodied and economically active members of the community. The death of breadwinners, caregivers and guardians has resulted in an increase in the number of widows, widowers and orphaned children. It is estimated that out of the 10,000 orphaned children within Child Life Touch's catchment area 47% are single orphans, while 45% are doubles orphans.

What we do

We ensure some of the most vulnerable children in Zambia have access to resources, support and choices regarding their future.

We aim to encourage positive attitudes within society and amongst the children and adults we work with, about living with HIV and AIDS. We achieve this by first providing shelter, care and education support to orphaned and underprivileged children. We then empower the orphans and vulnerable children, widows and widowers, caregivers, people living with HIV/AIDS and the elderly with a variety of life skills including entrepreneurship, tailoring, gardening, carpentry, block making and baking. These practical skills are supplemented with HIV/AIDS awareness, high standards of care, psychosocial counselling and life management skills.

Our Main Activities Include

  • Provision of care and education support to the orphans and vulnerable children in the community.
  • Provision of shelter to orphaned and underprivileged children.
  • Provision of capacity building workshops for orphans and vulnerable, widows, the aged, People living with HIV/AIDs and caregivers in peer education.
  • Community mobilization through programs and support groups.
  • The organization also does networking and advocacy with related issues of human rights, sexual based violence and skills development.
  • Provision of food supplements to underprivileged in society.
  • Provision of survival skills to orphans and vulnerable children.

What you can do

As little as £5 a month can make a huge difference in the lives of the children we support

Regular Donations

You can make regular monthly or quarterly donations which will enable us to have a sustainable source for food stuffs and bedding for the orphans, as well as plan ahead by acquiring land and constructing purpose build facilities and skills training to those most in need.

One off Donations

Our many projects aimed at building our capacity to help more children, such as buying a utility vehicle to ferry children to and from school instead of them walking long distances will benefit from any immediate donations you are able to provide.

Leaving a legacy

Perhaps you're only able to support Child Life Touch by leaving us something in your will, this could be cash, shares, property or other assets you own. Whatever you leave will be greatly appreciated.

Corporate supporters

If your company would like to support or partner with Child Life Touch, please contact us to discuss any proposals.


Thank you, without your generous support we couldn't make a difference in the lives of so many vulnerable Zambian children.

If you have any fundraising activities in mind or have already completed some, get in touch, send us pictures, we would love to share details of your efforts on our facebook page.


Our catchment areas are Nkwazi, Northrise and Chipulukusu compounds of Ndola District on the Copperbelt province of the Republic of Zambia.

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